CO2, Temperature, and Trees: Experimental Approaches (Ecological Research Monographs)

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Postglacial forest succession, climate and chronology in the Pacific Northwest. Edward Smith Deevey, Jr. Josephine K. George Sprugel, Jr. Do tradeoffs among colonization ability, competitive ability, and predation govern succession in an aquatic insect community? Invasive annual grasses enhance native shrubs and their arthropod communities through abiotic soil effects.

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Charles A. Price Matthew Helmus, honorable mention Shelly Lachish, honorable mention. Rudolf, honorable mention Jennifer L. Williams, honorable mention. Sean Menke Benjamin Houlton , honorable mention. McLachlan , honorable mention Louie H. Yang , honorable mention. James Vonesh Nicholas S. Williams , honorable mention. Multi-predator effects across life-history stages: non-additivity of egg- and larval-stage predation in an African treefrog. Do evolutionary legacies impact ecosystem functioning? Genetic variation in decomposition responses to atmospheric CO 2. Interactions between bacteria and phytoplankton affect algal response to nutrients and dissolved organic matter.

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Valerie T. Eviner Anurag A. Agrawal , honorable mention David A. Boughton , honorable mention. Effects of plant species, elevated CO2, and nutrients on microbial substrate utilization patterns. Belowground CO 2 flux in Alaskan tundra: effects of climate and vegetation type with regional extrapolation. Sara C. Hotchkiss Gary A. Krupnick , honorable mention Nora C.

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Underwood , honorable mention. Sally D. Hacker Carla E. Espinoza , honorable mention William T. Pockman , honorable mention. The ontogenetic habitat shift of juvenile Caribbean spiny lobsters: a test of the growth-mortality trade-off. Denise Dearing Ann L. Herzig , honorable mention Suzanne E. Worchester , honorable mention James B. Ferrari , honorable mention. The manipulation of secondary compounds by the North American pika.

Bulletin 74 Suppl Sarah E. Hobbie Catherine E. Pake , honorable mention Collette M. Mary , honorable mention Fernando E. Vega , honorable mention. Increased temperatures in Alaskan tussock tundra result in enhanced net ecosystem CO2 uptake. Lisa J. Petit Erik P.

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Hemerlynck , honorable mention Nancy Collins Johnson , honorable mention. Robert B. Jackson Pierre O. Berner , honorable mention Reuven Josef , honorable mention. Rapid physiological adjustment of roots to localized soil enrichment. Don R. Levitan Martha E. Mather , honorable mention Robert D.

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  5. CO2, Temperature, and Trees.
  6. Podolsky , honorable mention. The effect of body size regulation on the population ecology of the sea urchin Diadema antillarum.

    Resource-mediated interactions can structure arthropod assemblages in Heliconia wagneriana microcosms. Sharon Y. Strauss Susan Mopper , honorable mention Shahid Naeem , honorable mention. Effects of herbivory by two different herbivores on the susceptibility of smooth sumac to abiotic factors.

    Kate Lajtha Colleen K. Kelly , honorable mention Christopher F. Sacchi , honorable mention Sharon Y.


    Strauss , honorable mention. Biogeochemistry of phosphorus cycling along a calcareous desert soil chronosequence. Parent-ramet interconnections: effect on water relations and ramet survival for a desert perennial.

    How Do Trees Extract CO2?

    Bulletin Effects of a severe weather disturbance on the foraging pattern by a guild of five temperate reef surfperches. Productivity and herbivory in high and low diversity tropical successional ecosystems. A physical pump circulates air through the yellow waterlily. The implication of quantum yield on the distribution of C3 and C4 grasses. Abstract not published. Pacala see also here.

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    Disturbance and landscape dynamics in a changing world. Timescales, dynamics, and ecological understanding.

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    Brown, J. Gillooly, A. Allen, V.