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I purposely manipulate human nature, while at the same time accepting it.

SOLVING The MURDER MYSTERY! (Clue: Mystery Game)

For instance, in these games you are allowed to lie, in fact, it is expected. To have a game with murder and intrigue, where you are required to tell the truth, just goes against human nature. An instance where I manipulate human nature is, again, in the lies. I develop the narrative in such a way that the players not only read their lie, they end up owning their lie.

They will cling stubbornly to their stories to the point of hindering solving the mystery. A crime has taken place and the detective needs your help. The detective gave you the crime scene report, but you somehow lost it. Experienced SQL users can often use database queries to infer the structure of a database. But each database system has different ways of managing this information. Besides knowing the table names, you need to know how each table is structured. The way this works is also dependent upon which database technology you use. Here's how you do it with SQLite. Payments on these payment buttons are handled by WorldPay, and you can use any normal credit or debit card.

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Or contact us via Facebook your query comment won't appear on Facebook itself, unless you choose for it to :. Our murder mystery games About us. This feature requires JavaScript to be turned on. It's the big seasonal movie awards night, in this Christmas game for 16—32 guests and one or two hosts. But some of the stars seem to be thinking about how to commit the Best Murder! Dastardly railwaymen, upright sheriffs and sly good-time girls in this game for 10—14 guests and a host, set in the Wild West.

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An expanded version of this game is also available, for up to 24 guests and one or two hosts! The patriarch of a wealthy family is dead — who will inherit his fortune? And, more importantly, who murdered him? Find out in this game for 6—9 players and a host. Fat Stan's Speakeasy, Chicago, at the height of Prohibition. Glamour, music and murder! This game is for 15—32 guests and 1—2 hosts. A murder mystery game for 15—30 guests and one or two hosts, set at a glamorous Parisian casino, featuring espionage, crime, intrigue and murder!

An expanded version of this game is now available, for up to 30 guests! This game for 6—12 guests and a host takes place at an exotic Hawaiian beachside luau. Tourists and locals mingle and party — but one of them is a murderer! An expanded version of this game is also available, for up to 22 guests.

Set in Victorian Egypt, grapple with evil from beyond the grave in this game for 6—9 guests and a host. An expanded version of this game is also available, for up to 19 guests and a host! It's awards night in Hollywood, in this game for 16—32 guests and one or two hosts. The superheroes are trapped in their base — who's going to save the world from the evil ReptoMan?

And their manager has been found dead, so one of them is a killer and traitor… find out who, in this game for 8—12 guests and a host. Two rival pirate ships descend on a tropical isle — who will find Captain Flint's buried treasure?

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And who murdered him in the first place? Find out in this murder mystery game for 12—16 guests and a host. Blackmail, theft and betrayal at a glittering cocktail party in Massachusetts, for 12—15 guests and a host. Family strife comes out in murder…. At the Tremaine School of Magic, danger stalks the corridors. Will the students and professors solve the mystery and save the school from an ancient enemy?

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Find out in this game for 13—17 guests and one or two hosts. It's curtains for Broadway star Jackson Turner, but the drama's just beginning. There's no business like murder business, in this theatrical game for 8—13 guests and a host. A peaceful if rather peculiar village community has been disrupted by a savage murder.

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  7. Find out who did it in this game for 12—16 guests and a host, set in an English village in the s. Venture into the heart of darkness in this murder mystery game for 8—11 guests and a host, set in s Africa.

    Blackmail, theft and murder at a glittering cocktail party in Massachusetts, for 12—15 guests and a host.