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I understand if they don't want to waste gas driving back and forth. Find another set of parents and carpool. The only parent that should be watching is a nurse or parent with first aid knowledge. If a parent or coach is upset wait 24 hours and calm down before making that telephone call.

If not you will have mass confusion at times. Send them with another team member or friend. They will love it and they start to learn independence. We volunteer our time, don't make us miserable and let us do our jobs. Time to move on, work on her game.

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She should talk to the JV and Varsity coach and ask what she needs to work on to be a better player for next year. Hopefully, they will give her a straight answer. Ok, here is one more LOL for you I had a set of brothers play for me, both great kids and great shooters.

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The younger one says he has a story to tell me about his older brother who was now in college stuying to be a pharmacist Bear with me. He tells me that his brother wrote a paper in college about and he were ME never yelling at him So, one day he messes up at practice, I calmly yes calmly explain how I want it done I stop practice and calmly yes calmly explain it again. He proceeds to mess it up again I proceeded to go off on him to make it very clear how to do it.

Now he does it perfectly and I don't know how he kept a straight face all this time By the way, he got an A on the paper. Hi Ken, Sorry for the very late response. Been running around to play-off games. My daughter's team lost, so they are now out of play-offs and won''t make the state tournament. Now it's on to track and travel ball AAU.

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I will definitely keep you posted as to what happens next year. She should get a lot of playing time as long as she continues to hustle. She will be a Senior. Take care:. CP - I'm glad that your daughter is happy now. I love your answer to the other parents.

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Nice of you to give me an update. The coach is a very successful coach and has won state a few times. I don't care if he is using peach baskets and old leather balls Coaches dream of getting downstate to the big games. The things your daughter is doing in practice is only going to make her better. Does she really know everything that their best player is going to do?

She can help her teammates by letting them know if she can get it across to them. I hope this team gets downstate Try to get a little parent support group going where everyone can cheer for the team. Let me know if they make it downstate. Hi Ken, Hope all is well Not sure if you are interested, but I wanted to give you an update on how things are going with my daughter.

She is happy with her role on varsity for now She gets a little playing time, but it's during what I believe most coaches and bball enthusiasts refer to as garbage ball. When her team is blowing out another team by at least points and it's in the 4th quarter of the game.

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She understands that there are 6 seniors ahead of her and she has to basically pay her dues. The coach only goes 8 deep there are 12 players on the team. The 6 Seniors play the most and the other 2 players who play are Juniors in which one will be the starting point guard next year, so she is the 6th player off the bench.

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The other Junior is a center. My daughter is a forward and there are 2 seniors ahead of her in that position. The other 4 who sit the bench is a Freshman, Sophomore, my daughter and one other Junior. The team is preparing for playoffs and they have really bonded and should hopefully do well. Parents approach me and say that they don't understand why the coach won't play my daughter more, especially in games where they lost.

I just smile and let them know that she will have her turn to get plenty of playing time next year.

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The coach's system is weird and archaic, but it's been the same thing for 20 years and it works, but he should change with the times a bit. When the team practices, the coach will always make her the best player on the opposing team and this makes the starters better.

In a weird way this has boosted her confidence. She will run track in the spring and play travel ball in the summer, so there is no bad feelings. She is happy and I think that is the main thing. Thanks again for all of your advice along the way! Thats a tough one, especially since he is the AD.

I would tread lightly with this one. I wonder what HE is telling his dad? Since I don't know the entire situation or can see it I might say something like it does seem like he has lost some of his confidence and it has hurt his game. We are trying to work at this during our practices. What age group is this?

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Why has his playing time dwindled? Why has he lost some of his confidence? Have you sat down and talked to Hunter about this? Made any suggestions to him?

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Just some food for thought here. Tonight I received an email from a parent who also happens to be the AD with the following question: Why has Hunters playing time went from a lot to nothing? And why does he have no confidence? That is all that was in the entire email. Any advice?

Bear - All I can tell you is how I would handle this So, at least they know what's going on and understand the system. I wouldn't just put them in a starting role, they would have to earn that by playing and practicing hard, and beating someone out of his position. I would give them some playing time if they earned it. Every coach handles things differently, but it is his right to make that decision. Hopefull he will make them earn playing time and then a starting role if they can. I take it that you are a parent? IF I was in this situation, I would tell my son to work hard and make sure that no one takes my playing time away Give those kids some credit No one should hold that against them My second year at our high school, we had one kid who was ineligible the first semester Head coaches decision.

Our small high school team has 5 players that have been practicing with the team. All 5 were academically ineligible 1st semester and are now are academically eligible. How would you handle the situation as parents and players are asking how the coach is going to sort out playing time and starting spots.

Player - Plain and simple, this is wrong! IF there is an Athletic Director, I would call and make an appointment with him and explain the situation Make an appointment when he is available and then tell him. IF this is allowed to continue, it could destroy the team and maybe the coaches career.

Ok so there is a parent of a girl on the basketball team who thinks they can do a better job than the coach. He used to coach the girls in junior high. The girls are just younger and aren''t used to the competition.