The Marquess & The Minx

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An Enchanting Minx

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A Marquess for Convenience Audiobook | Bianca Blythe |

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  1. A Marquess for Convenience Audiobook | Bianca Blythe |
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Soon, Duncan and Josephine, two people who have vowed to never love again, find the protective walls they've each built, crumbling. When past secrets threaten to destroy their future, they'll have to decide if love is enough. This is a truly charming book.

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Caldwell is an instant purchase for me. I thought this story was lovely.

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It reminded me of the old Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy movies. Witty banter, heart wrenching moments and quite a bit of steamy romance.


My only qualm was that normally Caldwell weaves true events or real places into her stories. She did mention a famous Greek statue in the book called The Terme Boxer. But other than that bit of a history hiccup, I think I fell in love with the hero - Duncan Everleigh. Up close, separated by a mere handbreadth, she was faced with another fact: He was And, drat her for noticing once more, nothing short of magnificent. Another one out of the park.

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