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The pimp also separates the child from biological family and friends as well as anything familiar. Additionally, the pimp keeps all of the profit earned by the child and delivers violent punishment if the child withholds any money.

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The pimp uses a combination of praise and abuse that causes the child to constantly work for his affection. The child becomes completely dependent on the pimp for food, clothing, shelter, and attention. They drugged her, beat her, and took her to a house where they tied her to a bed and each proceeded to rape her vaginally then anally. That same evening she was taken to a mansion and sold to a pimp. The levels of violence and degradation, including physical branding Harris, , used by pimps to maintain power over juveniles is all too typical Farley et al.

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He has been a pimp all of his working life. He drugs them; hand cuffs them and then makes them have sex with his dog. He photographs these sex acts and then uses the photos as blackmail, threatening to send them to magazines or family members. In total, the team interviewed men who buy sex. Each interview lasted approximately an hour and a half to two hours and consisted of both quantitative and qualitative questions. Craigslist was the most frequently used website to solicit sexual services. The most popular indoor venues were bars, strip clubs, escort agencies, and private parties.

The most popular location to purchase sex was the West Side followed by the South Side. Interviews with women in prostitution suggest the opposite is true. Between August and October of , CIR [Center for Impact Research] interviewed a sample of women in prostitution in the Chicago metropolitan area, producing a wealth of information about the lives of women who were, or had once been, engaged in prostitution.

Twelve survivors of prostitution were recruited and trained to orally administer an extensive questionnaire. A typical interview lasted approximately 45 minutes. Surveyors located women for interviews in various segments of the prostitution industry and obtained leads for contacting other women from interviewees—a snowball sampling technique. Interviews took place in public locations such as restaurants The sample consisted of women over age 18 who were currently or previously had been involved in prostitution activities in the Chicago metropolitan area within the past five years.

However, we also examined responses to this question in relation to pimping and fear of violence, and found a significant association. Respondents were asked about pimping and ability to leave at each stage of prostitution activity one, activity two, and so on. At every phase, women who gave a percentage of money to someone else were significantly less likely to feel able to leave prostitution than those women who did not give money to anyone.

The proportion of women who felt able to leave was even less when considering those who feared they would be harmed for failure to give money to this person. However, in order to properly identify and respond to child sex trafficking, it is imperative to recognize the root causes as well as the collateral impact, such as psychosocial and behavioral problems, which are direct results of chronic victimization.

A comprehensive survey of prostituted juvenile victims in Clark County, Nevada, reveals the vast detrimental and debilitating impact of domestic minor sex trafficking on the life of a child. The findings are documented in the chart below. The Clark County, Nevada, Public Defenders Office-Juvenile Division surveyed juveniles arrested for prostitution-related activity from July to November and found a high level of drug abuse within this population of victims.

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The chart below provides a breakdown of documented drug use. It is important to note, that the average age of those using drugs was 14 years old. Clark County, Nevada. Data on file with authors. Nearly all of the interviews took place in small groups of children, thereby, providing the child with an additional degree of support. Sex slaves who work in massage parlors and bars are often locked in their place of business by double security doors, monitored by surveillance cameras and only let outside under the guard of crooked taxi drivers who ferry them to their next sex appointment.

Facilitators, or accomplices, avoid direct responsibility for sex trafficking crimes by creating distance from the immediate criminal activity but they profit from and make possible the sex trafficking of children. Some common facilitators in the crime of DMST [domestic minor sex trafficking] include taxi drivers, hotel workers, and owners of adult sexual entertainment venues. Taxi drivers in Las Vegas receive commissions for bringing buyers to illegal suburban house brothels. Traffickers pay premiums to facilitators for locating underage girls for their customers.

White girls from the bars who like to get high. Most were 16 to 17 years old. We eat, drink and sleep thinking of ways to trick young girls into doing what we want them to do.

Sixty percent of the sample said they paid law enforcement in order to survive in the business. Police, detectives, and an alderman or two. Pimps said they shared profits with a host of other actors, including lawyers and doctors, but also bellmen, hotel clerks, bartenders and cab drivers, all of whom were regularly paid for referring customers.

I had to be careful. A few pimps also mentioned paid referrals from convention information centers. All thus have a financial stake in the sex trade industry and are important cogs in the machine, without which it could not operate. One supplied girls for a strip club and for escort services. It was part of the game. We would bond out and go set up shop again.

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All of them have practical, real-world experience operating and managing traditional and interactive-media businesses. Com, Financial or Otherwise. Capital New York , September 24, Denver Post , September 24, January revenue at Backpage. Of the total in the last 12 months, Backpage.

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Here is the estimated monthly revenue from the last 12 months—February through January —at sites that sell prostitution advertising or listings: …. Backpage covers cities in 30 countries and territories, including sites in Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, the U. Louis, Tampa and Washington, D. This monthly report has been funded by a foundation that has asked not to be identified.

Virgil, Aeneid, 4.1–299

SeattleMet, July 15, Since the beginning of , 22 kids advertised on Backpage. No juveniles were discovered on any other sites in that time—that includes ads on craigslist, The Stranger, and other adult sites. The problem is specific to Backpage.

CNN, May 10, Full of mutual touchings, nudity, kissings, and pleasurable intimacy between sexy me and of course you!!! I am NOT an escort. I offer body rub in my private, very nice apartment in Midtown east. Arizona State University, November This study is a one-day snapshot of ads posted during hours in an online venue on November 1, Input from experienced law enforcement personnel from these two units who identify, interview and rescue sex trafficking victims minors and adults daily was integrated with practical and clinical practice-based knowledge from a social work research team.

Based upon the results of the first study [in Phoenix and Philadelphia], the decision was made to expand the study to include 3 other U. The study originally was designed to analyze hours of online adult entertainment ads but due to the volume of ads and the volume of potential sex trafficked adults and minors who required reporting to National Center for Missing and Exploited Children NCMEC and the appropriate police department with a pre-established contact , the study was halted when all cities reached hours, a period which took a team of 12 researchers nineteen-hours to analyze, with a total of ads analyzed.

Of those potential trafficking victim ads, 48 We learned that classification of an ad as a potential adult sex trafficking victim or minor trafficking victim required the analysis of both the text of the ad and the photograph as there was rich data found in both. Without combining the information from both, many ads would have been missed. Atlanta Journal-Constitution , February 14, Sun Sentinel Florida , February 22, Albans Couple Charged with Sex-Trafficking.

Times Ledger New York , February 22, Dallas Morning News , March 5, Reuters, September 24, Initial funding for Voice Media Group, which will be based in Denver, Colorado, has been raised through private investors, Tobias said, declining to discuss financing of the new venture any more specifically.

He acknowledged that the campaign to pressure VVM advertisers had impacted the company. Arizona Republic , September 23, Lacey and Scott Tobias, chief executive officer of the new company, Voice Media Group, would not disclose the sales price or or other terms of the deal. AIM Group, September 24, There is now a major effort to shut down the adult section on Backpage.

Department of Justice, April 9, The Justice Department today announced the seizure of Backpage. Additionally, seven individuals have been charged in a count federal indictment with the crimes of conspiracy to facilitate prostitution using a facility in interstate or foreign commerce, facilitating prostitution using a facility in interstate or foreign commerce, conspiracy to commit money laundering, concealment money laundering, international promotional money laundering, and transactional money laundering.

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A: Local classifieds and forums—community moderated, and largely free. Compete Pulse , April 5, Under the watchful eye of law enforcement in 40 states, Craigslist pledged Thursday to crack down on ads for prostitution on its Web sites.